Do you take responsibility for your finances?

As the founder of Wealth for Women, it wouldn’t surprise anyone to hear that most of my clients are female. Typically, they are going through, or have just been through, divorce. In almost every case, the husband has had full responsibility for looking after the joint...

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Are we there yet?

We all remember those time as children when we were on a car journey and very excited to get to our final destination. Within a very short time of starting out we were frequently asking “Are we there yet?”. Despite being told “no” and despite the annoyance of our...

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And the winner is …

At last week’s Citywealth Powerwomen awards I was delighted to receive the Entrepreneurial Woman of the Year award, having been shortlisted from over 100 other nominees. It was a total delight to be recognised for the difference I’m making in my client’s life by...

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Ten top tips for divorce

Everyone wonders what life would be like without enough money. For people facing up to the reality of divorce or the dissolution of a civil partnership, understanding how the finances will work when they are on their own can feel like one of the biggest worries of...

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Improving your state pension entitlement

  Prior to 6th April 2016 if a couple were going through divorce, or dissolution of a civil partnership it was possible to substitute the National Insurance (NI) record from a former spouse/civil partner if they had a better NI record. Therefore, potentially a...

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I know nothing about the wine list!

Let me be totally honest with you, I am a total dunce when it comes to wine; and I laugh at the number of times I have bluffed my way through a business lunch or simply nodded in approval when I've been lunching with a wine buff. To me, a glass of "plonk" tastes...

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Do I need to use a solicitor for my divorce?

For anyone thinking of agreeing a financial settlement with their spouse and feel it’s not necessary to get legal advice, please read on……….. The case of Vince v Wyatt highlights the importance of ensuring that financial arrangements are incorporated into a Court...

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How rich are you?

I had a meeting with a lovely client recently. Let’s call her Janet. Janet and her husband (let’s call him James) had received a large cash sum following the sale of their business. They needed advice as to how best to invest their money. However, what they needed...

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Are you going to run out of money?

You probably have an idea of how much you have saved in your pension plans and investment accounts. But do you know whether this is enough money to last you for your lifetime and enable you to do all the things you’d love to do. "Fingers crossed it all works out OK"...

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Is seeing your IFA like going to the dentist?

There’s not many things in life that really scare me. It’s not because I think I'm particularly rufty-tufty. I just tend to be up for trying most things, without necessarily realising just how scary they will be. (White water rafting was a particular example!). Then...

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Why I’m happy to be sexist!

Trading as Wealth for Women and being the author of “The Wealthy Woman: A Man is Not a Financial Plan”, tends to split reaction into two camps. Some women (and men) have found it sexist and patronising. One comment left on my Facebook post recently offering a free...

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Don’t spend it all on shoes and handbags!

I've recently worked with a lovely lady to do her financial plan- let’s call her Gillian. What she told me in our first phone call absolutely astounded me. It’s not often I'm lost for words, but I was on this occasion. Gillian had savings in her bank account and in...

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No, I don’t want to have a meeting with you!

As an independent financial adviser specialising in advice to women, I am often telephoned by a female who asks “Can we have a meeting?” “Can you help me with my finances?” The short answer that I give is “no”. But before you think I'm horribly rude…. there’s as a...

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Number one IFA!

I’m delighted to have been advised by VouchedFor that I am currently the number one IFA in Esher on the reviews website To see the listings for yourself, take a look at VouchedFor's list of IFAs in Esher. When you search for an IFA on VouchedFor, the...

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High earners lose out on pension contributions

Under the present tax rules anyone making a pension contribution can get tax relief at their marginal rate. Further details are in Pensions: a 20% off sale! In summary, if you are a basic rate tax payer and wanted to pay £100 into your pension plan your cash...

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Pension not discussed as part of divorce.

The Scottish Widows Women and Retirement Report 2014 noted that among divorced women 84% said pensions weren't discussed or they couldn't remember them being discussed as part of any settlement. This is a similar figure to previous years. This is very worrying. Not...

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How much do you need to save for retirement?

In their recent “women and retirement report 2014” Scottish Widows asked thousands of women about their plans for retirement. There was certainly good news, in that the number of women saving into a pension had increase by 10%. However, the report also highlighted...

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Pension sharing: two bites of the cherry

A pension sharing order (PSO) cannot be varied at a future date.  In addition, if you are awarded a PSO from your partner’s pension you cannot apply for a second PSO for the same marriage on the same pension. It’s therefore important to ensure you take good legal and...

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What’s a financial clean break order?

A clean break is a court order settlement whereby a lump sum payment and/or property transfer is made with no on-going maintenance. A clean break ends the financial relationship between the two parties. Once the break occurs neither party can make a further claim...

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What makes your client experience unique?

When you’re choosing a financial adviser it can be very difficult to differentiate between the services offered by the different advisers you meet. Particularly if this is an area you have little or no experience of, and where you may be lacking confidence. A really...

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7 mistakes women make when getting divorced ...and how to avoid them

I was lost in a minefield of options, and rather ignorant of how the financial world works. Mary was invaluable with advice on what to do, explaining things, so that I understood fully what would happen to my money and investments. Mary was understanding and did not make me feel inadequate needing help. I now feel secure and my mind is put at rest with Mary’s expertise

- Ruth Dellow

Mary listened to what I wanted. I did not once feel overwhelmed with financial jargon or pressurised to go in a direction I did not want to. Mary has high integrity and strives to do her best for her clients because she actually cares about them.

- Caroline Crowhurst

Mary’s advice is so down to earth and straight forward that I feel I am at last getting to grips with my finances. She explains everything without technical jargon and I always know I can ask any question without feeling it’s a foolish question. Her service is absolutely amazing.

- Dr Diane Keith

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