So often women have a fear around money and carry feelings of guilt and shame. You may think these feelings are experienced by women on a low income or women who struggle to meet their spending needs.

But these disempowered emotions are not in fact related to how much money you have. You are as likely to experience these if you have large sums of money as if you had low funds.

I have often spoken to women who have high net worth, are high earners, and have money saved. They have enough money for a very nice lifestyle. And yet they have a fear of money. They have a fear of stopping work.

Because if they stop work, maybe they won’t be able to afford the nice things they have come to enjoy.  So often, this fear is unfounded.

But actually, just because the fear is unfounded doesn’t mean it doesn’t feel real to you. If you wake up in the middle of the night panicking about your finances, that panic is real to you. It doesn’t matter if somebody tells you that you don’t need to panic. The feeling is real.

There are so many emotions tied up with money, both positive and negative. But so often it is the negative emotions I hear from my clients.

What I love to do is help women to get rid of their fear around money.

Imagine the following:

·       you understand money and feel comfortable with it
·       you know you have enough money to achieve what you want
·       you understand what fears are holding you back and what you can do to change that.
·       you stop putting off all the things you plan to do one day and start doing them now.

This is why I became a certified coach, as well as a financial advisor and a financial planner.

There is so much more to money than just knowing the rules as to how to save and look after money. So often what is holding us back from leading the life we really want is the voice in our head, telling us we can’t do what we want.

Do you have a voice in your head telling you “You can’t be wealthy” “You can’t afford to give up work”?

If you recognise this voice, and it’s holding you back from achieving what you would really love to achieve, why not book a Possibility Call with me. We could look at what it is you would really love to achieve and how to make 2022 the year you achieve this.