Do you ever feel like you’re invisible?

I don’t mean in the fun Harry Potter, Invisibility Cloak type of invisibility. (By the way, wouldn’t that be the best fun ever!). I mean the women who feel that they reach a certain age and then society begins to view them as “past it” and therefore of little further use.

There was a great example recently of a 50-year-old musician Annabel Bennett who had received frequent rejections. She had actually been told in the past that she would have had more success as a man.

So, she gave it a try and pretended her name was Arthur Parker. The same music that had previously been rejected was now praised, featured in a popular TV programme, and led to her recording a new album.

And I guess that’s why we have the saying “It’s a man’s world”.

I’m interested. Are you a woman “of a certain age” and feel that you’ve become invisible? Or alternatively, are you going from strength to strength and feeling your experience is celebrated.

I’m about to introduce a new service particularly aimed at women “of a certain age” who are celebrating their years of experience and looking forward to the new period ahead. They have developed a “couldn’t care what anyone thinks I want to try it” attitude.

I’d love to know what you’re experience of growing older and wiser has been. We don’t have the phrase “Wise Woman” for nothing. You can contact me directly on [email protected].