“Will I run out of money?” is the question I most often get asked by clients. For most of us it’s the sort of question which will keep us awake at night.

For my ongoing financial planning clients this service is provided on an annual basis and updated each year. I would normally only provide this for ongoing clients due to amount of time it takes to get everything set up to analyse this.

However, as a result of the uncertainty at the minute and the calls I’m getting from new enquiries I have decided to open up this service as a one-off piece of work.

We look at:
• Where you are now
• Where you want to get to
• Are you on track to achieve this? And if not, what can you do to improve the situation.

I’ve attached a case study from Sally (not her real name) to show you how the system works. Wealth Compass Review case study

If this is something you’d like to discuss further to see if it may be right for you please do contact me on [email protected].

We can have a no obligation, confidential discussion to see what it the best option for you.