Money can’t buy you love

Money can’t buy you love, or so the Beatles reliably informed us in the 1960s. But does that mean money is of limited use?

There are many things we need money for, from basic security and food to some of the finer things in life. But how much money do you require to cover the lifestyle you’d like to enjoy?

£1 Million for one person may be more than enough for their planned lifestyle. But it may hardly touch the sides for someone who leads a much more extravagant life.
So how much do you need?

This is the question financial planning can answer for you. We look at your current resources, your expected future income and spending and will therefore be able to identify what amount you need for your desired lifestyle.

If it looks that on your current circumstances you do not have the necessary amount we can model some further options. Eg. working for a longer period, saving more now, reduced spending in later years.

Armed with that information you can then plan for your future with the confidence that you have the financial resources needed to support the lifestyle you’d like.

Financial planning gives you that knowledge. If you would like to know more, contact me at [email protected] for a confidential, no obligation discussion.