Have you ever felt you weren’t sure whether you were on the right path? Maybe, not sure exactly what was ahead of you?


I had this experience recently when I went out on a nice long walk in the hills. The weather hadn’t been great, and certainly on the higher levels on the hill, it was really misty. Too misty to be able to see in front at all, and certainly unable to see clearly where we were going.


But we had a plan: we knew the route we were on, and we knew if we kept on that route we would get where we needed to go. And that is exactly what we did. Just kept going one foot in front of the other, trusting that we were going to get to where we needed to get to.
Now a couple of times, we did have to stop and think and check around and confirm we were in the right place. But once we were sure we were on the right path we just needed to keep going.


And of course, the wonderful thing is that after a while, it did start to clear, and we were then able to see the most beautiful views for miles in front. We could absolutely see where it was we needed to get to. It was just there in front of us. Yes, it was a bit of a distance away, but we could see the finish.


This reminded me so much of lots of things that happen in business, or in life in general.


• You don’t know for sure where you’re going
• You can’t see what’s in front
• You want to have that security of knowing you’re on the right path.


But actually, you can’t always see what’s there. You don’t know that you’re going to get to where you want to get to. But you trust the process. You trust it’s going to bring you there and you move forward. A small step at a time checking every now and then that you are in the right place. And actually, provided you keep doing that, you do get to where you’re meant to be.  It’s one small step, each small step at a time that takes you there.


So, if you’re not sure about your financial future, if things are looking a bit misty, and you’d like to have a clearer outlook, why don’t we have a conversation?


The conversation can chart a path for you to follow so that you can have a plan to get to where you want to be.