thank you for your directness _


Sometimes coaching needs to be non-directive. You let the coachee get to their own answer by asking the right questions. They then end up with a solution that’s right for them and their circumstances rather than a solution someone else thinks is right. They are then much more likely to want to achieve this.


But sometimes, if your coachee isn’t moving towards what they say they want to achieve you need to be a lot more direct.


I had this situation with my coachee recently who signed up to work with me because she wanted to get better control over her finances. She earned a reasonable income but was frequently overspending and had no savings for the future. In fact, she had various credit card and loan debts.


She had a large receipt due within a few days but wouldn’t commit to how to use that for anything other than the many things she “needed” to buy: for her house, her business, her enjoyment etc.


I could see the patterns which kept repeating themselves which she had acknowledged and was aware of but was not necessarily doing anything about.


In my meeting with her yesterday I decided to be very direct and made suggestions as to how I would deal with her situation.


As a result, we ended up with a plan for the month that would repay part of her credit card balance, have an amount as emergency cash, and for the first month for a long time have spending less than income. She felt quite shocked this was even possible since she was so used to spending all that she received.


Yes, she now needs to make good on all the issues she committed to. But she does at least have a plan. And if she can make her cash flow work for one month there should be no reason why it can’t work in the following months.


It will be hard for her to break her habits, but so rewarding if she can stick with it.


If you think financial coaching might be right for you why not book a Possibility Call. We can discuss your needs, what’s holding you back and what help you need to achieve your aims.