Do you wish you had the ability to raise your financial queries with an expert?

How many times have you spent hours searching the web, only to get conflicting information or information that maybe you’re not sure applies for your specific circumstances? A web search can give you a lot of information, but sometimes it can leave you more confused than when you started.

If you need a personal answer suitable to your needs and priorities rather some generic facts, then Ask the Expert is for you.

In light of the recent turbulent times- both in the Stock Market, and the UK in general, I’ve introduced an “Ask the Expert” service. This is your opportunity to have 30 minutes of my time to answer your queries.

Come armed with a list of your questions to ensure you don’t forget anything on the day.

Better still, send me a list of your questions just before our call. I can then review and consider what would be the best order to answer them in.

The call can take place on Zoom so you can record it and listen back afterwards.

Want to book in your call?

Here’s a link to my calendar for the next few weeks.

The fee for this service is £150 and is payable when you book.

I look forward to helping you.