It seems like Christmas has only just ended, and here we are facing one of the most dreaded days to those who may be single or recently separated or divorced and spending the day alone.

Remember, just because you are single on Valentine’s day it doesn’t mean you can’t have a day full of love and being spoiled rotten.

Valentine’s day often comes with certain expectations or pressure even when you are in a romantic relationship and often times those expectations are left unfulfilled. So, whether you are committed and happy or have found yourself recently single, why not do what we have all heard time and time again? Give yourself some (possibly, much needed) self-love.

It is one of the oldest sayings and I believe it holds to be true – until we become our own steady source of love, we will end up in the wrong relationships, situations, etc. seeking out all of the things we have yet to be able to find within ourselves. It’s then so much harder to ever give that to someone else when we cannot provide it for ourselves.

If you are finding yourself alone this Valentine’s day, why not put your energy and love into the person that matters most in your world? YOU!

To make your Valentine’s Day one to remember and even be able to give yourself all of the credit – here are a few tips on what you can do:

Spoil Yourself – Do something you would like to do just for YOU! Big or small, depending on your financial abilities, make sure to just do something out of the ordinary that makes your heart sing, and gives you a real boost.  Get a mani/pedi, go for a long walk in beautiful surroundings, buy that wonderful pair of shoes you have been eyeballing since Christmas! Indulge but be mindful of your financial status and don’t break the bank! Retail therapy is not therapy when you are creating another problem ie.debt.  And with a bit of imagination there is so much that can be done on a very limited budget. The aim is to spoil yourself, and that doesn’t have to mean spending a small fortune.

Write Yourself a Love Note – Write a note that you would love to read if written by someone else. Focus on your key attributes and features that you admire about yourself. Do not allow yourself to focus on flaws. When you remind yourself of the good you have to give and the beauty within yourself it fuels you to create more gratitude within yourself.

Surround Yourself with Beauty – Romance and beauty doesn’t have to be just for couples. Get flowers, candles, and lights and make yourself feel surrounded by positive energy and vibes that will help create an inner peace within yourself.  Take a wonderful luxurious bubble bath in the middle of the day.

Forgive Yourself – If you find yourself angry or in an inner battle over people or situations in which you may have previously lost part of yourself to hold on to a relationship/person – let it go. Forgive yourself and remember to value yourself first next time.

Plan a girls’ night/date with your single girlfriends. Go out or stay in – be silly, laugh, and enjoy the fact that although you not want to be single, you may actually have the upper hand in not having to hope your partner even remembered the day, just to find out he forgot or he thinks it is a senseless man-made holiday for stores to make extra money!

Let’s be real. Valentine’s Day is a holiday in which women who are in relationships can flash smiles as they receive flowers at their office, while the single women in the office cringe. Couples that are still in the honeymoon phase seem so adorable and extra loving towards one another. But what about if you’re single? Surely everyone should have love on this upcoming Valentine’s Day?

The most important person you will ever have to deal with is yourself. Love yourself, find yourself, and stay true to you! Do whatever your heart delights this Valentine’s day. I’d bet money on it – as long as you are doing something that sets your own soul on fire – you will have people around you wondering what on earth has you smiling and glowing from ear to ear! This Valentine’s Day, I encourage you to take that challenge. Whether you choose to rock it solo, have a girl’s night, etc. the goal is to do something you love! Happiness comes from within. Cheers to all us fabulous ladies on Valentine’s Day!  May it be your best.



Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash