Bubble bath with caption, let's talk about self care

Do you treat your self-care as an important priority, or does it always fall further down the list of what’s important?

It’s so common, especially during a busy time, for us to think we don’t have a minute to spare. Work, family, friends, home commitments etc always seem to take priority.

But consider, what if you took some time just for yourself? And before you say, I can’t possibly make the time, be aware it doesn’t have to be hours.

If you do have a very full diary, what about if you just took an hour? An hour to maybe have a very relaxing bath. How do you think that might make you feel?

If you can’t take an hour for yourself, what amount of time do you think you can afford? It’s so easy to think “I don’t have time for this. There are so many other things on my list that are a priority”. 

But actually, looking after yourself is very important. Having that replenishment can help you to achieve the things you need to achieve.

Self-care is high on my list. I’ve written before about my day at the spa, and just before Christmas shared about my lovely advent calendar, which was full of self-care goodies.

To me, self-care is really important because otherwise, we’re heading for burnout. And if not to the extreme of burnout, you are at least heading for stress, unhappiness and feelings of “surely there must be more to working life than this”.

One of the things I’ve recently introduced is I take Monday morning off work, and I go to my sports club. I do a couple of classes and then have lunch and then I’m back at my desk at about 1 pm.

Previously I’ve often struggled to get into work mode on a Monday morning. But interestingly, after I’ve been to the gym, I then come back feeling fully motivated and can really put my head down and get on with my work.

I’m not sure I do any less work on a Monday than I used to. I’m at my desk for fewer hours, but my output isn’t reduced.

I’m sure because I’ve had that lovely morning of rest, replenishment and fun, this is what buoys me up to then do my work so much quicker in the afternoon.

So, particularly now during January when days are short and weather can be challenging, think about what can you do to look after yourself.

Do let me know, what are your favourite acts of self-care.

If you would like to discuss your relationship with putting yourself first, email me at [email protected] and we can arrange a time to speak to see whether this is something I can help you with.