How empowered do you feel right now…both economically and financially?

Lockdown influences everyone. For some there is a real concern about their earning capacity and concern about how safe their income is. For others they have more money than normal due to cutting back on travelling, holidays, sports clubs etc. What they’d prefer is to have more free time.

Maybe it’s time for all of us to do what we can to feel more empowered and to do what we can to help others. #womenempoweringwomen.

So often my female clients are fearful of money and have spent significant time sticking their head in the sand. But at some point, you do need to face up to your situation and deal with it, no matter how scary it feels.

There are many reasons for not dealing with finances. Maybe you think the financial services industry doesn’t look very attractive to females? Maybe you’re copying how you saw managing the money played out in your own family where the male in the household looked after the finances and made all the necessary decisions.

But let’s face it, as women, if we don’t change how we deal with our finances we are encouraging future generations of women- our daughters, granddaughters, nieces, and every female we know- to follow our example. We need to step up and accept responsibility about our finances. And what better time than now during the remainder of 2020 when so much change is happening.

I need your help to look at why women aren’t taking responsibility, and what we can do within the financial services industry to encourage women to be financially empowered.

The survey asks whether or not females are actively managing their finances and planning for their future. And if they’re not, what’s the reason.

I would love to get as many women as possible completing the survey, since I need statistic evidence as to what the issues are that are stopping women from being financially strong.

The survey is completely anonymous if you want, or you can complete your email details to get a copy of the findings.

And in the spirit of women empowering women, for each response to the survey, I will contribute £5 to the marvelous charity Dress for Success whose mission is to empower women to achieve economic independence. A contribution of £50 will help train a woman for an upcoming job interview so she can be ready to be the best she can be.

If 500 women complete the survey that would be a contribution of £2,500 which would help train 50 women. During this period when women are suffering disproportionately due to so many working in the hospitality and retail sector, that would be a wonderful achievement for the charity.

So please do complete it and spread the word far and wide so not only may we be able to do something within the financial services community but we can also help women back into the workplace.

You can complete the survey here >>>

Wealth for Women Survey

The closing date for the survey is 11th Dec 2020