Here’s what happened to me…

The pendulum that was so fully in the “Be safe” zone has now swung fully to the “Oh, it looks fun. Let’s try it” zone.

Wild camping, open water swimming, aerial yoga.

After decades of playing save and hearing “Don’t do it” I’m now hearing “Give it a go. You may like it.”

I now want to play and make up for all the years of not playing. The courage muscle and play muscle are being fully worked. And I’m glad to say getting stronger by the day. They’re welcoming the workout and gladly taking on the extra challenges. And the more challenge they take on the easier the next one becomes.

My decider is no longer “Will I be able to do it?”

My decider is “Will I enjoy i?”

For too many years they were one and the same. I could only enjoy something if I were good at it. I couldn’t see that having to be good at it took away all elements of the fun. I couldn’t see that I had replaced the straitjacket of “Be safe” with the straitjacket of “Make sure you’re the best”.

But the straitjacket is now gone. Discarded along with the invisible hands holding me back. The same hands that used to hold me back now support me. Ready to give me a gentle nudge if needed. And ready to be there to catch me when required.

I’m standing in the icy cold water and no longer want to inch forward. I want to run and leap joyfully, arms outstretched, excited for the new adventure.

Who wants to leap with me?

If you’re not ready to leap on your own, let me take you by the hand. Let’s share my strength and courage whilst you build your own.

I’m up for creating a world where we are no longer held back by old stories, old fears, old outdated and unhelpful limiting beliefs. A world where we’re ready to leap into the next stage of our life with fun and freedom. We have one beautiful life waiting for us to make the most of.

Let’s banish whatever is holding us back and making us play small.

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