Sexism Stop Means Gender Prejudice And DiscriminationTrading as Wealth for Women and being the author of “The Wealthy Woman: A Man is Not a Financial Plan”, tends to split reaction into two camps.

Some women (and men) have found it sexist and patronising.

One comment left on my Facebook post recently offering a free digital copy of my book was “I can’t actually believe something like this is in publication”.

Initially I was quite upset by the comment, because let’s face it, no one likes to be criticised, especially so publically.

But then when I put it in the correct context, I realised that although I’d had that negative comment, on the same post a very large number of people had clicked and signed up for the book. I’d also had a number of very positive comments back from those who had started reading it.

Many women contact me to tell me they’re exactly like the character Nicola in the book. Nicola makes decisions about her finances based on her very short term priorities, without thinking about the future. It is much later in life when she realises the implications of this. Having read the book these women are now going to change their ways.

Many women who subscribe to the video series on my website call and say “you’re absolutely describing me. My husband dealt with all the finances, and I’m feeling totally lost.”

Let’s be clear. Women don’t need different advice to men. Financial advice is not gender specific. Whatever age, or sex you are, or whatever your financial circumstances, financial planning involves arranging your finances to help you achieve what it is you want in the future.

However, although women don’t need different advice to men, they often need a different approach. Many women who I work with are lacking in confidence about their finances. If they are also going through divorce, add into that the fear of the unknown and the total upheaval going on in their life right now. For them facing their fears and tackling finance feels like a huge burden in front of them.

These women need handholding and encouragement. They may not need different advice to men, but they certainly need a different approach. They need to feel they are in a safe environment so that, if needed, they can say “I don’t understand”, without fear of looking foolish.

That’s where I believe I really add value. My service is more than just “I can tell you how to invest your money.” My service is designed for you to understand your finances and fully approve and agree with the advice I give you, rather than just follow what I recommend without knowing why.

So all in all, I’m happy to be sexist. I’m happy that for each person who finds my company name and book title offensive, there are many, many more who find it exactly what they need.

There will be women who don’t like my service, but these aren’t the women who will be a right fit to work with me.

And shush, don’t tell anyone…but there are men who like my service. I’m not a man hating harridan! If a man calls and I think we are a good fit, then I’m very happy for us to work together.

Tell me what you think.

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