3 women chatting 500_375If you read The Sunday Times on the weekend you would have received the supplement “Your Adviser- Finding the Right Expert”

I was delighted to be listed as a Top Rated Adviser, in the section for the London based advisers.

The supplement was produced in association with VouchedFor, who are the equivalent of Trip Advisor for IFAs.

The website allows clients to rate their experience with you based on advice, service and value. My overall score was 4.7 stars out of 5. Yes, in an ideal world I’d like to see that at 5 out of 5 stars. And many reviews have come in at that score. Thank you to all those lovely ladies who gave me that feedback.

Where the review is less than perfect, I always speak to my client to ask what I could have done differently to make their experience even better.

Sometimes I use the feedback to amend my process to improve the service for everyone going forwards.

Sometimes the answer has simply been “I don’t tend to score a perfect score”.

  • As one review notes:
    I have no benchmark to judge Mary’s advice and value for money, which is the only reason I have not scored 5 out of 5 across the board”.

To me, the service is more than just recommending to someone how they should invest their money.

I believe my role is as a partner working alongside them, to show them what their life could look like in the future.

For women who have gone through divorce and who are feeling lost and overwhelmed, it is extremely comforting for them to know they are in partnership with someone who cares about them and their money as much as they do.

My aim is:

  • To help her lead the lifestyle she wants
  • To help her feel safe and in control
  • To help her feel secure and certain about her financial future.

I’m invested in her future too, – and not just with the funds I look after for her. I’m invested emotionally and with my time.

It’s a mutually, interdependent relationship.

Does this sound like a service that’s right for you?

If so, why not have a clarity call with me to discuss it further?

I still have a few times available for the coming month. Click here to across my diary and click on a date in bold within the next 30 days. It could be the best investment in your future you make.

Yes, I’m glad I have a large number of 5* reviews.

But much more than that, I’m glad I can make such amazing impact in the lives of these ladies.

Please do comment below and the me know what you think.

Photo credit:Flickr/Dano