Why seek financial adviceClients typically seek financial advice to get better control and understanding of their finances. Consider the following scenario and consider how familiar does it sound to you?

You have a number of different pensions from previous employments. At the time the pension was set up you opted to invest in the default fund because you didn’t know which other fund may have been more appropriate for you.

Payments were made to the pension fund by both yourself and your employer until you left the company.

Since then you’ve done nothing with the fund. You no longer pay into it. Somewhere in your pile of papers is the latest valuation statement. But even if you were to dig it out you don’t really understand what it’s telling you.

Of course you can read what the value is and what it’s likely to pay you at retirement date. But you have no way of gauging how well the fund is performing or whether it’s likely to provide the level of income you need.

At the beginning of each year you decide you will set some time aside to go through all your finances.

As well as the pensions you also have a number of different ISAs. Each year you open a new one with a new provider and pick a few funds. But actually, the process for choosing the funds is about as scientific as sticking a pin in the list. You kid yourself that you’re being more discerning than that, but deep don you recognise you don’t have the expertise, time or inclination to do the necessary research.

You’re now concerned that as you’re getting older and getting nearer to the time that you will want to draw on these investments and pensions  that you need to know exactly how well they are performing and exactly how much income they are likely to provide.

The above is a typical reason why clients decide it’s time to see a financial adviser.

A financial adviser will review your pensions and investments, let you know exactly how well (or otherwise) they are performing and help you plan for the future.

As a result you will have greater control of your finances and greater peace of mind that your investments are appropriate for you.

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photo credit: Flickr/Images_of_Money