help, finance is a foreign languageI frequently hear women tell me that they struggle with maths and don’t understand finance. If I had £1 for every woman who said to me “I don’t do maths”, I’d be a millionaire. I exaggerate of course I wouldn’t be a millionaire, because I don’t know a million women! But I would have received a fair bit of dosh.

Does “I don’t do maths”, “I don’t have a clue about my finances” feel and sound familiar to you? If so, you’re not alone.

Many women appear to have a real mental block when it comes to finance and maths. This isn’t due to lack of education, or lack of common sense. I hear these comments from very clever, bright, articulate, sensible women, who are working at the highest levels within their profession.

And yet, despite their level of education, despite how much they have achieved in their chosen profession, and their career, they decide they can’t do maths. A coach working on limiting beliefs would have a field day with these women.

If they’re bright enough to be scientists, doctors, lawyers, bring up a family of 3 kids and manage to get them all to the right school/right football practice/right ballet lesson at the right time, well then actually they’re bright enough to get to grips with their finances. If only someone would show them how!

Is it just women who feel this way about their finances, and not men?

Or maybe the more relevant question to consider is: Is it just women who admit to feeling this way? Who knows? Women are very skilled at concentrating on their faults and weaknesses and listing all the things they can’t do rather than thinking about their strengths, what they’ve achieved and listing all the things they can do.

Or maybe it’s because women are struggling to find the right adviser to help them through the finance maze, and explain what they need to know.

The typical adviser is male, middle aged, grey hair and grey suit.

Whilst there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this it may be that women in general don’t have enough rapport with the typical adviser and don’t feel that he is the right person to help them.

My experience is that frequently women don’t feel totally comfortable about finances, and don’t really know where to go to get advice from someone they trust.

If you fall into that category then why not pick up the phone and let’s have a chat. We can discuss whatever you’re concerned about, what your issues are and what help you need. If it’s not something I can help you with hopefully I’ll know someone else who can.

If it is an area I can with and I feel my service can make a big difference to you then we can discuss what the next step should be. Easy as that. Why not give it a try? Call me on 01932 698150 and give it a go.

photo credit: flickr/loop_oh