Dealing with pensions and finances on divorceFor many couples who are going through a divorce, the pension may be the 2nd biggest asset after the family home.

It’s therefore vital that professional advice is taken as to what options are available for the pensions and which option is the most appropriate for you, your circumstances and your goals and priorities.

I was delighted to be asked by Soila Sindiyo to take part in some teleseminars discussing the financial implications of divorce.

Soila works with those going through a divorce to ensure they can deal with the emotional pain, and challenges present at this stage in their lives, and help them move forward.

She can provide family mediation to ensure you can agree of the financial settlement and all matters relating to your children with no pain or acrimony.

In this first teleseminar I discuss with Soila the issues around pensions and divorce and answer the following questions:

What options are available when dealing with pensions in divorce?

Are pensions automatically taken into consideration during a divorce?

Can a family mediator help a couple make decisions on how to deal with pension matters or does it have to be done by solicitors?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the different options in dealing with pensions on divorce?

To listen to this 15 minute recording please click here

A further recording is also available dealing with financial tips for women getting divorced. Questions answered during this recording are:

What is a co-habitation agreement?

Do co-habiting women have the same right as married ones?

I am a stay-at-home mum and have been so since the beginning.  How will this affect me during the divorce?

During divorce proceedings, how much information do I need to give my solicitor regarding my financial standing?

Does a court take into account who has caused the breakdown of the marriage?

Are pre-nuptials binding in the UK?  Does the law recognise them?

To listen to this 25 minute recording please click here

If you would like to speak to me regarding your financial issues relating to divorce please contact me on 01932 698150.

If you wish to speak to Soila regarding the services she can help you with please contact her on 07850 856066

 photo credit: Flickr/DeJohnBullas