My fees

First meeting

Typically  the fee for my initial meeting is £500. There is no specific time limit on this meeting since the aim is to for me to understand your goals and objectives and for you to understand what I can do to help you.

The meeting can be held at your home if that is more convenient for you.

If I do not believe I am the right person to help you and do not think I can add sufficient value to your financial situation I will tell you at this meeting.

Following the first meeting, if we both wish to proceed, I will write to you with a personalised engagement letter to confirm the services we can provide and the cost of those services.

Advice fee

The advice fee will be a fixed fee. The level of the fee will depend on the complexity and scope of the advice required. This will be confirmed in the engagement letter. We will always tell you how much you will pay before you agree to proceed with our services.

Part of the fee is payable upfront. If we recommend a pension or investment product and it is possible to deduct our fees from this plan, we will offer you this choice.

Implementation fee

If you require a financial product a fixed fee will be charged to cover the administration involved in preparing the paperwork to set up the necessary policy. This fee will be disclosed before you agree to proceed.

Ongoing fee

We meet with you at least once a year for a forward planning meeting to review your plans and check your progress against objectives. An ongoing fee will be charged to cover these meetings. The engagement letter will set out the fees applicable for your circumstances.

The fee can either be paid by invoice or deducted from an investment or pension plan.

If you wish to discuss working together please contact me on 01932 698150 for a confidential, no obligation chat or complete my enquiry form.
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