The Wealthy Woman

The Wealthy Woman: A Man is Not a Financial Plan 


Do you want to be more confident about your finances?

Do you want to be a wealthy woman?

“Wealthy” will mean different things to different women.

It doesn’t necessarily mean “rolling in it” and having so much money that you’ll enter The Times ‘rich list’. It may simply mean you feel confident you will have enough money to do the things that you plan to do in the future, no matter how lavish or frugal a lifestyle you lead.

My new book “The Wealthy Woman: A Man is not a Financial Plan” will guide you on your journey to become a wealthy woman by showing you how taking small steps on a regular basis can lead to a significant increase in your wealth.


It’s easy to be wealthy just as it’s easy to be poor. There’s very little difference in the way you can become either. You are in a position where you can improve your wealth. Whatever your dreams and aspirations around money there is nothing to stop you moving towards those dreams. The book is available on Amazon.

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