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The Divorce Process

This guide explains the process to follow to end a marriage.

Financial Order Proceedings

This guide explains the process to follow to agree the financial settlement.

How the value of a pension share is calculated

This guide explains why the amount you receive as part of your pension share may be different to the amount you were expecting.

Ten Inspirational Quotes about divorce 

Quotes to provide some inspiration at the low times of  divorce.  They are a mixture of funny, sad, and uplifting.

Finances on Divorce

The Pensions Divorce Guide

The pension is typically the second largest asset after the matrimonial home. This guide explains the options available for dealing with a pension on divorce, and the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

7 key financial tips for women getting divorced

A brief guide to the issues relating to finances on divorce.

Financial Planning

How to choose a financial adviser

A guide to help you decide which financial adviser is right for you.

Scottish Widows Women and Pensions report November 2014

An annual guide by Scottish Widows with detailed surveys as to how women approach pension planning.

Budget 2015 Briefing Note 

Highlights and analysis of the March 2015 budget

Income and Expenditure Analysis

A spreadsheet template to monitor your income and expenses. Complete the boxes shaded yellow. The blue shaded boxes contain a formula and will automatically calculate. There are 3 tabs, “expenses” “income” and “cashflow”. Complete your income and expenses tabs and the cashflow tab automatically update.

Net Worth Analysis

A spreadsheet to calculate your net worth. Complete the boxes shaded yellow. The blue shaded boxes contain a formula and will automatically calculate. 

7 mistakes women make when getting divorced ...and how to avoid them

I was lost in a minefield of options, and rather ignorant of how the financial world works. Mary was invaluable with advice on what to do, explaining things, so that I understood fully what would happen to my money and investments. Mary was understanding and did not make me feel inadequate needing help. I now feel secure and my mind is put at rest with Mary’s expertise

– Ruth Dellow

Mary listened to what I wanted. I did not once feel overwhelmed with financial jargon or pressurised to go in a direction I did not want to. Mary has high integrity and strives to do her best for her clients because she actually cares about them.

– Caroline Crowhurst

Mary’s advice is so down to earth and straight forward that I feel I am at last getting to grips with my finances. She explains everything without technical jargon and I always know I can ask any question without feeling it’s a foolish question. Her service is absolutely amazing.

– Dr Diane Keith