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Now is the time to take control of your financial future.
Wake up, take financial responsibility and make right choices.

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About the author

Hello, I’m Mary Waring the founder of Wealth for Women.

I specialise in financial advice to women which is down to earth and jargon free. Why? Because I’m passionate about changing the way women think about finance. Too many women stick their head in the sand and ignore it. Or…rely on a man to sort it for them. Hence the title of the book!

My mother was in this exact position and was effectively trapped in an unhappy marriage, since she didn’t have any money in her own name. So I learnt from an early age that money gives you choices.

I’m on a mission to help women manage their finances, in order to give them confidence and peace of mind to live the lifestyle they want without worrying about money.

My book has been featured in the Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The Times, Good Housekeeping, BBC Radio and LBC Radio.

I’m a chartered accountant and independent financial adviser with over 25 years’ experience, and I’m honoured to be one of only a handful of advisers in the UK with this qualification.

I’ve been short-listed as Chartered Financial Planner of the Year, and listed in both The Times and Sunday Mail as a Top Rated Independent Financial Adviser.

If you want to take control of your financial future, then be smart and download the book now.


Reader’s reviews:

A must read for any woman -single, married, divorced or otherwise there’s advice for everyone, every age, every situation and it will make a difference. Thank you for writing this Mary – the world needs more books like this! Ellen Watts

If you only read one book this year then this has to be the life changing book you read. Alison Persson

A thoroughly informative read. Enlightening whatever your circumstances, Mary’s style speaks volumes and reaches out to those of us who are number phobic. Camilla Khawaja

Amazingly easy to follow with clear language and body! Loved every minute reading this and have put some steps in place already. I think every woman must read this. Ashanti

This is a valuable ‘must have’ resource for every woman. I highly recommend it. I found it particularly empowering to do the exercise where you work out what you are worth. It is a book I dip into on a regular basis. Caroline Moss

The advice is simple to follow and makes perfect sense, a must for any woman today who longs for freedom to live life as she chooses and not be dictated to by anyone else. A Holmes

I decided that his year would be the year I finally got grown up and clear about my finances. I came across this book and it is perfect for what I needed. There is lots of great info but it is very easy to understand and I do not feel overwhelmed at all. I just feel I have been given a reality check and the steps to start now. E.Edwards

This book felt like it was written just for me in many instances! It is informative and easily digestible. JoJo

It explains what you need to do in easy to understand language…It doesn’t overwhelm or baffle you with jargon but motivates you to start getting your finances in order. C Bozkurt

Really liked the fact the author uses no jargon and her writing style is very down to earth. Fitzem

It has given me the motivation and understanding to move forwards and to be proactive. Jodie

Finance can often be a dry subject but this book is written in plain English without the use of jargon. It takes the fear out of financial planning. Carol Stewart

This book is for anyone who wants to (or indeed should) get a better handle on their financial situation and make it better. Louisa Whitney

It’s a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to a subject that a lot of us find a little bit daunting. It’ll make you think and realise that, with a little planning, you too could be on the road to an optimistic financial future. Ann Brooks