Are we right for each other?

Let’s be clear… What I do isn’t right for everyone.

But if you’re a woman looking for expert guidance and support, as you work through the emotional and financial minefield of divorce…

Then you’re in the right place.

In particular:

  • You’re now aware that your husband has looked after the main finances. Whereas you tended to focus on home, family and the housekeeping.
  • You probably haven’t ‘counted the pennies’ for quite a few years. Tight budgeting has not been necessary.
  • However, you sense that – if what you own as a family is split fairly – you’ll hopefully have enough to live comfortably after the divorce. But you’re not sure.[/two_third]

Your main concerns

  • You feel overwhelmed by your circumstances. Out of your depth. Struggling.
  • You lack confidence around finances. This makes you fearful and uncertain about your financial future.
  •  You’re confused about what your future will look like. Where you will live. The effect of divorce on your children. Loneliness…..And the other things we’re going to chat about.

Good things happen when we work together

What I love doing most in my work is helping women just like you. And changing the way you think about your finances.
Here’s what happens when we work together:

  • Confidence

You will no longer be as fearful of finances…..or afraid to make a decision about your future.

  • Understanding

You will have greater understanding of your current financial position, the options available on divorce and the impact each of these options will have on your life after divorce.

  • Peace Of Mind

Knowing you have sufficient funds after divorce to lead a good life means you will no longer worry about your finances. You can then sleep at night knowing your money will not run out.

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