Details on what’s involved at each of these steps is shown below:

1. Getting to know you

To create a financial plan that is right for you, I need to truly understood you and what you really want to happen in your life, At our initial meeting we will discuss what is important to you and what would make you happy.

2. Information Gathering

We look at your current financial situation and what your options are.

3. Your Financial Plan

Your financial plan will look at which outcome is most appropriate for you and your circumstances. The plan is presented in plain English without jargon.

4. Discussion Meeting

We meet to discuss the plan with you and your lawyer, to ensure you fully understand all your options and feel confident with the recommendations.

5. Carry Out Your Financial Plan

Once you have received your divorce settlement we will implement the recommendations.

6. Ongoing Review And Support

Our relationship need not end when your divorce settlement has been finalised. Our relationship can be long term and designed to provide ongoing financial support for your new life.

I will be with you every step of the way providing the necessary help and guidance.

If you wish to discuss working together, please contact me on 01932 698150 for a confidential no obligation chat or complete my enquiry form.

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