What is that thing called collaborative law?Separating and divorcing couples can now deal with issues arising upon the breakdown of their relationship by a process known as Collaborative Law.  This process involves both parties signing up to an agreement which states, amongst other things, that they will not make an Application to the Court to deal with resolution of issues between them.

These issues can include matters relating to finances or children or, indeed, both.

Each party instructs a Collaborative Lawyer and they will then attend several (usually four or five) meetings to discuss issues ‘around the table’.

Both parties can, of course, seek legal advice from their respective lawyers during this process.

The key to the Collaborative Law process is working together to reach a resolution of issues between the parties and agreeing not to issue Court proceedings.

It works extremely well where couples can talk openly and freely regarding possible outcomes and solutions.

There is also the opportunity to seek advice along the way from other professionals, eg, accountants.

The Collaborative Law process is not suitable for everyone, particularly, for example, if the relationship has been an abusive one, or if there is doubt that one party may not be completely frank about their financial circumstances.

Legal fees involved are often much less than through the Court process.

One of the main positive outcomes of Collaborative Law is that the parties reach agreement together and maintain control over the process itself and the speed that matters progress.

Mandy_Spring_Oct_2012_Staff_photo_largeToday’s post is written by Mandy Spring who is a Senior Associate and specialist Family Lawyer at Mundays LLP based in Cobham in Surrey.  Mandy has practiced exclusively in Family Law for the last 15 years and has a broad depth of experience in resolving Family Law issues.  She provides her clients with a friendly and professional service and gives practical advice.  Mandy is a trained Collaborative Lawyer and a Member of Resolution.  Mundays’ Family Team rank in the top tier of the Legal 500 for the South East regions of Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

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