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Mary Waring

I am a happily married woman with no particularly ardent feminist views. However, from a very young age my mother drilled into me the need not to be dependent on a man for financial support.

You see she was trapped in a very unhappy marriage but didn’t have any money in her own right. So she didn’t have the means to support herself and three children if she left the family home.

She told me to work hard, and get a good job so I would never be in her position. And like the good daughter I am I listened to her!

I qualified as a chartered accountant and for many years worked as a finance director. In 2010 I qualified as an Independent Financial Adviser, and decided to specialise in financial advice to women going through a divorce. The reason?

Because so many women stick their head in the sand. They often don’t deal with their finances and feel frightened at the thought of it. Does that sound familiar?

Women going through divorce don’t need different financial advice to men. After all, financial advice is financial advice regardless of your gender. But what they do need is a different approach to men, with a lot more hand holding- sometimes literally.

This is what my service is designed to provide.

I am an accredited member of Resolution and hold the required  pension transfer qualifications.

If you wish to discuss working together, please contact me on 01932 698150 for a confidential no obligation chat or complete my enquiry form.

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