Hello Accumulator!

The essence of the Accumulator is an Inner Banker

The strengths you can rely on as an Accumulator when you are at your best will typically be:

    • Conscientiousness
    • Trustworthy
    • Disciplined

Your strengths can show up as the following gifts:

    • Saving easily
    • Creating financial independence
    • Being financially responsible

But for all archetypes, if you carry your strengths and gifts to an extreme, there will be challenges.

An Accumulator who takes their strengths to an extreme may well exhibit the following:

    • Secretive with money 
    • Lack of trust
    • Lack of generosity
    • Obsessiveness or compulsion
    • Feeling guilt or doubt about investing and spending
    • Feeling of not having enough money, despite having plenty of resources

What you can do to make the most of your strengths and talents and avoid the challenges:

The Accumulator’s challenge is to allow themselves to expand how big they see themselves and what they can accomplish instead of keeping their world tightly controlled.

Apply your energy and talents to the creation of greater wealth, so that you are expanding your opportunities and the number of people you’re meant to serve.

By doing so you create ever-expanding opportunities for greater wealth, and to live a richer life.

Some questions for you to consider:

Imagine for a moment that nothing is going to happen that will diminish your savings for the next five years, how would this change the way you live?

What is frugality keeping you from doing or becoming?

The aim is always to use your gifts and talents but without tipping over to an extreme. Therefore, I’m going to leave you with the following empowering mindset:

Say “yes” to opportunities because opportunities create wealth.