Hello Ruler!

The essence of the Ruler is an Inner Empire Builder

The Ruler is you if…

    • You fear losing control of your money, power and identity
    • You never feel satisfied you’ve made enough, continually challenging yourself to achieve higher financial goals
    • You thrive on creating, innovating and building something of lasting value
    • You love empowering people and enriching lives through your business
    • You feel safe and protected from danger by accumulating financial resources


    • Your business dominates most of your time and attention
    • You hide feeling not good enough behind overachieving, ambition and a quest for more
    • You are a natural and passionate leader people want to follow, giving you the prestige and reputation you desire
    • You believe what you’re creating now will bring you happiness in the future, often driving you to overwork
    • You’re reluctant to pull money out of your business and are often cautious about spending

The Ruler has an inner fire or drive to create that makes them an unstoppable, passionate force for making a big impact for others and significant income.

The Ruler loves to strive and to challenge themselves to push their own limits of what they think is possible and they are often seen as a leader because of this.

For you, money measures your level of achievement and accomplishment.

While outwardly admired for your successes, the danger is in measuring your inner sense of value by your bank balance.

While outwardly successful, fear is often your driving force.

Since you are a natural at leading, accomplishing and innovating, why not challenge yourself to focus your ambitious nature on the soul-work of finding your highest and truest source of self-worth? The payoff of creating emotional freedom and significance at the soul level will be priceless.