Hello Romantic!

The essence of the Romantic is an Inner Hedonist

The Accumulator is you if…

    • You often don’t see the point in saving money, as life is to be enjoyed
    • You love to live life in the moment, often spending money on life’s enjoyments such as food, clothes, toys, experiences and more – anything that creates feelings of gratification or sensory pleasure
    • You indulge in yourself to feel special, appreciated, loved or valued
    • You often spend money on things because you feel “I deserve it”
    • You buy things to feel gratification, sensory pleasure or because you “feel like it”


    • You can easily spoil the people you care about with lavish or abundant gifts
    • You often avoid making changes in your money behavior, even when you know it would benefit you
    • You believe money is to be enjoyed and dislike being told “no”
    • For you, money is not often top of mind, or it is seen as a distraction to what life is really about 
    • You may shrug off your money habits, telling yourself you’re not good with money
    • When you are motivated to save money it’s usually only when there is something specific you want to buy. Once the specific amount you need is saved and spent, you’re starting over.

You know how to use money to enjoy your life, and often spend it because you feel you deserve it, or you want to indulge the people you care about.

But spending can be a cover-up to avoid feelings of emptiness, an absence of love or a lack of feeling valued and acknowledged. 

And the thought of not buying something you want can cause feelings of resistance or defiance.

Yes, life is to be enjoyed but not if the expense of it distracts you from creating wholeness and self-worth from the inside out.

Why not focus your considerable energy on creating meaning and worth in your life, beyond which money can't buy?