Hello Nurturer!

The essence of the Nurturer is as an Inner Sponsor

The Nurturer is you if…

    • You’re likely motivated to give generously to help others, often at the sacrifice of yourself
    • Your natural generosity includes wanting to protect, shelter or nurture others financially
    • You appreciate money yet feel you need to over give for every penny you bring in
    • You are responsible with your personal finances but often attract people who need your help, financially and otherwise
    • You have good money habits but either don’t have much saved or may carry debt because of helping others


    • Your self-worth comes from compassion, giving and ‘being there’ for others
    • You find it painful to set financial boundaries with people you care about
    • You can be taken advantage of financially by others or secretly feel resentful because what you give is not reciprocated
    • You find asking for what you’re worth requires every ounce of courage you possess
    • You tend to create emotionally entangled, dependent financial relationships, which unconsciously disable the people you want to help

Your desire to be of service often inspires you to share your financial resources. But what you see as selfless generosity can easily create enabling relationships and problematic boundaries with the people you want to help, plus sow seeds of resentment or martyrdom within you.

It’s not unusual for your giving to even end up compromising your own financial stability.

The people in your world, and in the world at large, need support, yet giving can take many forms.

When you see others as powerful, even in their hour of need, you create the possibility for helping in ways that are priceless beyond money.

Why not apply your compassionate and caring nature to empowering others without this including financial support?