Hello Maverick!

The essence of the Maverick is an Inner Rebel with A Cause

The Maverick is you if…

    • You have a close-knit relationship with money
    • You feel a great, emotional connection (love, joy, happiness) about saving money
    • You are careful to always live below your means
    • You rarely, if ever, carry debt and are amazing at saving money. 
    • You are highly attentive to managing your money, and love to save just for the sake of saving 


    • You are attracted to get rich opportunities
    • You are highly creative with money and love to turn it into a game you want to win
    • You typically pay great attention to money and can be excellent at reading contracts and looking for clever ways to turn a situation or opportunity to your advantage. 
    • You are willing to take a financial risk in exchange for a potential big win
    • You have courage and tenacity when it comes to generating income
    • You are often drawn to becoming the hero for the underdog. Modeling for them what’s possible.

Your creativity when it comes to generating money is amazing. But balance isn’t something you often value or find exciting, which can lead you into situations of creating extreme financial highs and lows.

Ironically, by focusing your energy and talents on creating sustainable income, you’ll achieve the rich success you crave.

Why not use your courage and cleverness to generate consistent income? The payoff will be a financial foundation that frees you to play with new and exciting opportunities.