Hello Connector!

The essence of The Connector is an Inner Relationship Creator

The Connector is you if…

    • You care more about heart to heart connections than about making money
    • You believe that somehow, you’ll always be taken care of financially. This keeps you (mostly) free of financial stress
    • You have an innocent quality to you, that on the positive side, allows you to live your life worry-free of money concerns
    • For you, money is simply something you don’t think too much about, or care to think about too often
    • You can excel at creating relationships, or partnerships that bring new opportunities, business and clients to you


    • Your connection to others helps you create long term relationships that can generate income
    • You wish you didn’t have to think about making or managing money
    • You are more likely motivated to be taken care of financially than driven to create financial independence
    • You are happy when someone else is making financial decisions for you
    • You avoid facing your money situation, hoping it will improve on its own
    • You can easily allow others to make you feel disempowered or inadequate about money

Your faith and optimism that money will always be available keeps you from feeling much, if any, financial stress. Yet this same innocent quality of believing you’ll always being taken care of can cause you to lack financial independence or blindly trust the handling of financial details to others.

Your lack of concern about money can cause you to be taken advantage of financially or keep you from creating wealth, yet this is likely not something you often think about.

Since money is an important aspect of empowering yourself, why not focus a portion of your energy on educating yourself and taking care of your life's basic financial needs? The payoff will be a deepening of your sense of self-respect and self-worth.