Hello Celebrity!

The essence of the Celebrity is an Inner Big Shot

The Celebrity is you if…

    • You love to stand out in the crowd and impress people
    • You love to create a lot of attention for both yourself and others 
    • You often have a charismatic personality that makes you a magnet for attracting amazing people and experiences. 
    • You love being recognised anytime you’re generous
    • Your business often includes a lot of visibility, celebrity or making a big impression
    • You value money as a tool to achieve the status, image and recognition you want


    • You deeply appreciate the doors that money can open, and love to turn on the bling
    • You have no problem spending money to enhance your image, including designer brands, hip clothing, entertaining and plenty of bling
    • You feel that by showing wealth you’ll protect yourself from the negative opinions or judgment of others
    • You often project an image of wealth and success that might not match your bank account balance
    • You likely didn’t receive the approval, unconditional love or positive opinion from people important to you as a child
    • You are often amazing at creating money or attracting it into your life but  can default to spending every penny that comes in, and sometimes more!

Your charismatic personality makes you a magnet for attracting ‘5 Star’ people and experiences. You love to bring on the bling, create a lot of attention and you deeply appreciate the doors that money can open.

But under the glitz and glam you may be overcompensating for having felt criticized in your younger years.

While you’ll always enjoy being in the spotlight, allowing others to see your vulnerability and allowing yourself to be loved for who you are, imperfections and all, can be immensely healing.

Why not challenge yourself to let others know that regularly sharing their appreciation and acceptance of you is priceless for you?