Hello Alchemist!

The essence of the Alchemist is an Inner Idealist

The Alchemist is you if…

    • You are talented at attracting money in unusual ways
    • You are attracted to unconventional or alternative ways of making money
    • You are amazing at creating ideas that can transform people’s lives and transform the world at large. 
    • You believe there is an unfair unbalance of wealth in the world
    • You find it easy to empower others to believe in themselves


    • You care more about social justice and leading a movement than making money
    • You often feel a love/hate relationship with money
    • You can find yourself relying on others for financial support
    • You inwardly feel vulnerable or insecure about your ability to create income
    • You never seem to have enough money to support the causes that are important to you

Your love/hate relationship with money signals your appreciation for the good it can do in the world, even though you resent its importance.

You often speak with vehemence and resentment against money or against the unfairness that exists in the world where some people have so much more than others.

Remember, money doesn’t have the power to corrupt. Only people do.

Because of your desire for a greater feeling of fairness, you can be a powerful champion of others and the Alchemist is amazing at helping others see new possibilities in a fresh light.

By focusing your energy towards monetizing your ideas you have the power to impact others in positive, amazing ways. Your will is powerful. Why not use it to ground your ideas in practical actions that transform and inspire?

You will never be ruled by money so why not transform your ideas into wealth that frees you to make a positive difference in the world?