Hello Accumulator!

The essence of the Accumulator is an Inner Banker

The Accumulator is you if…

    • You have a close-knit relationship with money
    • You feel a great, emotional connection (love, joy, happiness) about saving money
    • You are careful to always live below your means
    • You rarely, if ever, carry debt and are amazing at saving money. 
    • You are highly attentive to managing your money, and love to save just for the sake of saving 


    • You tend to judge others for their money habits
    • You’re driven to save out of fear of being dependent on others, or losing personal freedom
    • You often feel anxious, worried or greatly reluctant, about spending money
    • You’re likely to be frugal, over think purchases or insist only on buying things on sale
    • You often consider items or services  a luxury that others consider common place

You and money are outwardly a match made in heaven. For you, saving and living within your means comes naturally.

But inwardly, worrying about spending even small amounts of money, not trusting that money is an unlimited resource or fearing that you’ll run out of money can cause you tremendous stress and anxiety and limit your willingness to invest in yourself. 

Self-imposed limits keep you from stretching into your fully expressed brilliance.

Since you are already skilled at careful money management, why not challenge yourself to apply your energy and talents to the creation of greater wealth, so that you are expanding your opportunities and the number of people you're meant to serve?