Ruth: Is the divorce settlement enough for the rest of my life?

The Challenges Ruth Brought To Me

  • Age mid 50s and recently divorced, Ruth had very little retirement income of her own
  • However, she did receive a good share of her husband’s pension, along with a lump sum, as part of the settlement
  •  What she wanted to know was… “Is the settlement enough to live on for the rest of my life?”
  •  “And if not… What do I do?!”


What Ruth Wanted Most:

  • To know whether she could afford to spend the amount she would really like to spend each year
  • Or would she have to stick to a very strict budget
  • What would happen if her investments dropped in value 


The Steps We Took Together

  • We prepared figures based on a number of different scenarios
  • Ruth was delighted to see she could afford a good life
  • This remained the case even if her investments dropped by 20% in the early years.


The Results For Ruth

  • “I now have complete peace of mind”
  • “I know that I can afford the lifestyle I want”
  • “And the money will not run out in my lifetime”

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I was lost in a minefield of options, and rather ignorant of how the financial world works. Mary was invaluable with advice on what to do, explaining things, so that I understood fully what would happen to my money and investments. Mary was understanding and did not make me feel inadequate needing help. I now feel secure and my mind is put at rest with Mary’s expertise

– Ruth Dellow

Mary listened to what I wanted. I did not once feel overwhelmed with financial jargon or pressurised to go in a direction I did not want to. Mary has high integrity and strives to do her best for her clients because she actually cares about them.

– Caroline Crowhurst

Mary’s advice is so down to earth and straight forward that I feel I am at last getting to grips with my finances. She explains everything without technical jargon and I always know I can ask any question without feeling it’s a foolish question. Her service is absolutely amazing.

– Dr Diane Keith