Powerwomen-ShortlistedThe reason I decided to specialise in financial advice to women was because I didn’t think the financial services industry was particularly female friendly.

Many of the ladies I work with are going through divorce. Often their husband has dealt with the finances during the period of the marriage. Therefore, if things go wrong and they end up getting divorced, they are often very scared about their financial position and anxious about what it means for their future.

They don’t need different advice to men. But they will often need a different approach- a bit more handholding (sometimes literally).

Not all IFAs are the same

I have worked hard to create a service in Wealth for Woman which is very different to the service from a standard IFA firm. It’s also a lot more superior in my view, but I could be a tad biased. The service is based around what is really required by a female who feels uncomfortable with finances and scared of making the wrong decision.

I’m therefore absolutely delighted that I have been shortlisted for CityWealth’s Power Women Awards 2017.  I’m shortlisted in the category “Entrepreneurial Woman of the Year”

There are 9 judges plus a public vote. The individual with the most public votes receives the equivalent of an extra judge vote.

If you would like to vote for me (and why wouldn’t you!!!), please vote here

You need to scroll down to the 8th category.

The awards ceremony is in February next year. I’ll let you know how I get on.