Pension not discussed as part of divorce.

The Scottish Widows Women and Retirement Report 2014 noted that among divorced women 84% said pensions weren't discussed or they couldn't remember them being discussed as part of any settlement. This is a similar figure to previous years. This is very worrying. Not...

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How much do you need to save for retirement?

In their recent “women and retirement report 2014” Scottish Widows asked thousands of women about their plans for retirement. There was certainly good news, in that the number of women saving into a pension had increase by 10%. However, the report also highlighted...

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Pension sharing: two bites of the cherry

A pension sharing order (PSO) cannot be varied at a future date.  In addition, if you are awarded a PSO from your partner’s pension you cannot apply for a second PSO for the same marriage on the same pension. It’s therefore important to ensure you take good legal and...

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What’s a financial clean break order?

A clean break is a court order settlement whereby a lump sum payment and/or property transfer is made with no on-going maintenance. A clean break ends the financial relationship between the two parties. Once the break occurs neither party can make a further claim...

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What makes your client experience unique?

When you’re choosing a financial adviser it can be very difficult to differentiate between the services offered by the different advisers you meet. Particularly if this is an area you have little or no experience of, and where you may be lacking confidence. A really...

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How will a financial adviser charge?

If you're looking to instruct a financial adviser, the cost of that advice will be something you will need to understand. There are a number of different ways an adviser may charge: A fixed fee An hourly fee As a percentage of your funds Or a mixture of the above...

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Ten inspirational quotes about divorce

The aim of the quotes below is to provide some inspiration at the low times of  divorce.  They are a mixture of funny, sad, and uplifting. Do let me know what your favourite quotes are, in the comments section below “Sometimes good things fall apart so better things...

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How do you choose a financial adviser?

The majority of my clients are females going through divorce,and their husband has dealt with all the finances during the period of their marriage. Therefore when they are faced with having to find an adviser it's a really difficult process for them to go through....

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When can I access my pension?

Under current pension rules 25% of the value of a pension fund can be taken as tax free cash. The balance is used to provide income over the individual’s lifetime. Clients have often told me they weren’t keen on saving into pensions because of the restrictions on when...

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How much is state pension?

The current basic state pension is £113.10 per week which is the equivalent of £5,881.20 per annum.  This basic amount is increased if you also have an Additional State Pension or a Graduated Pension. The basic amount increases each year by the “triple lock“, which is...

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Would you be happy to throw away your money?

Now of course we all know that if I asked this question directly the answer from everyone would be “NO”. And probably you would think that I was even mad to ask the question.  And yet, I often see this being done by my clients. I am dealing with a client now who...

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The Financial Settlement: What’s involved?

The Financial Settlement The financial settlement is a separate process to the dissolution of the marriage. Although they are often done at the same time there is no legal mechanism to compel people sort out their financial matters with the divorce.   One party can...

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The Divorce Process

The Divorce Process Divorce is the ending of the marriage. Sorting the finances is a separate issue. It is not unusual for the legal process to be finalised before the financial settlement. However, since some provisions cannot be altered after the Decree Absolute...

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What lifestyle will you lead after your divorce?

Following divorce it’s very likely you will want to maintain the same lifestyle as you enjoyed during your marriage. If there are sufficient funds to go round that’s likely to be the outcome. However, consider what will happen if there isn’t enough money. The same...

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Alternatives to court for your divorce

As mentioned in "Should I use a solicitor for my divorce?"  instructing a solicitor does not automatically mean you will end up in court with protracted, drawn out divorce proceedings. There are a number of other alternatives, and which one of these is best for you...

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Should you use a solicitor for your divorce?

If you and your husband are getting on well, or you have a limited budget, you might think it’s a good idea to want to sort the divorce yourself, without instructing a solicitor. A DIY divorce will be cheaper than using a solicitor in the short term, but may infact be...

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7 mistakes women make when getting divorced ...and how to avoid them

I was lost in a minefield of options, and rather ignorant of how the financial world works. Mary was invaluable with advice on what to do, explaining things, so that I understood fully what would happen to my money and investments. Mary was understanding and did not make me feel inadequate needing help. I now feel secure and my mind is put at rest with Mary’s expertise

- Ruth Dellow

Mary listened to what I wanted. I did not once feel overwhelmed with financial jargon or pressurised to go in a direction I did not want to. Mary has high integrity and strives to do her best for her clients because she actually cares about them.

- Caroline Crowhurst

Mary’s advice is so down to earth and straight forward that I feel I am at last getting to grips with my finances. She explains everything without technical jargon and I always know I can ask any question without feeling it’s a foolish question. Her service is absolutely amazing.

- Dr Diane Keith

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