Aphrodite AngelsAphrodite is the Greek goddess of beauty, love, and sexuality. Some may remember this from their schooldays.

But here’s a little teaser for you:  do you know who Aphrodite Angels are?

Don’t worry if you don’t recall hearing about the Angels from school.  This is infact a service set up by Sarah Wadham to help people who need to deal with changes in their lives.

This may be due to divorce, redundancy or bereavement. For most of us, dealing with change and adjusting to different circumstances can be tricky. It’s always easier to stay in our comfort zone and keep with what we know, even if we know long term it’s not the best place to be.. But sometimes change is forced upon us and we have to step outside our comfort zone.

Or sometimes we realise that although stepping outside our comfort zone may feel uncomfortable there are times when we need to do it to move forward and get to where it is we wish to ultimately get to.

This is where Aphrodite Angels can help. The service providers are financial planners, lawyers, coaches, therapist, interior designers…and infact many, many more.

If you are going through change and want help from a professional who can guide you through the process, hold your hand if necessary, and celebrate with you when you reach the other end, then do look at the Aphrodite Angels website.

I am delighted to be included as one of Sarah’s Angels for ladies going through a divorce. I am also delighted that when my clients need any other services I can refer them to one of the other providers vetted by Sarah.

Sarah says “Although traumatic, difficult and emotionally draining, divorce and other life changes can lead to a new and empowering start and be a positive experience for everybody involved.”

To help you on this journey please do have a look at her website.  The site lists sixty service providers who are all personal contacts of Sarah and have been chosen because they put you and your needs first.

Photo credit: Flickr/blOndeeo2