Mary Waring- City-Wealth-Power-women-awardsAt last week’s Citywealth Powerwomen awards I was delighted to receive the Entrepreneurial Woman of the Year award, having been shortlisted from over 100 other nominees.

It was a total delight to be recognised for the difference I’m making in my client’s life by helping her feel confident and secure about her long term financial future. For most my clients, financial planning is an area she hasn’t had much, if any, involvement with before. So, at this very emotional time, she needs special care and support.

The reason I decided to specialise in financial advice to women was because I didn’t think the financial services industry was particularly female friendly. Only about 10% of advisers are female. The typical adviser is male, middle aged, grey suit and grey hair. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that and no reason these males can’t do an absolutely fantastic job for you.

But the fact is, if you’re particularly looking for a female adviser, there just isn’t that many of us around.

Many of the women  I work with are going through divorce, or recently bereaved. Often their husband has dealt with the finances during the period of the marriage. Therefore, if things go wrong and they end up getting divorced, or very sadly widowed, they are often very scared about their financial position and anxious about what it means for their future.

They don’t need different advice to men. But they will often need a different approach- a bit more handholding (sometimes literally).

I have worked hard to create a service in Wealth for Woman which is very different to the service from a standard IFA firm. It’s also a lot more superior in my view, but I could be a tad biased! The service is based around what is really required by a female who feels uncomfortable with finances and scared of making the wrong decision.

If you need some help with your finances and you’ve been holding off doing anything, or if you know anyone who needs some help please contact me at [email protected] in the first instance with some brief details.

I look forward to hearing from you.